Auto Dough Refiner

Auto Dough Refiner

  • Brand: NC Machine
  • Product Code: Auto Dough Refiner
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Properties of the machine

  • Increase spring of dough and makenon air bubble in dough.
  • Easy access for the maintenanceand cleaning.
  • Design to gear system for keepquiet and higher equipment longevity.
  • NC-D20M auto dough refiner has capacityof 20 kg/time.
  • Have a guard for safety, when openit up while the machine working will be stop immediately.
  • Timer to preset sheeting time.
  • Rotating bowl made in thickstainless steel and height reliable for food grade.
  • It has a pair of heavy rollers towork the dough to smooth and elastic consistency, without increasingtemperature.

Size of rollers
20 kg.
160 x 330 mm (2 pcs.)
8.5 HP.
380V. 50Hz. 3P
769 x 1,200 x 1,235 mm.

Motor 8.5 HP
Dimension 769x1,200x1.235 mm.
Power 380V / 50Hz /3P
Size of rollers 160x330 (2ลูก)
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