Matcha shaved ice

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Matcha shaved ice

Give out the formula

Han sure !! The weather is hot like this. Who wants to eat matcha shaved ice?

Can easily make your own At home

1. Ingredients 1 Syrup

1 tablespoon green tea powder (green tea emulco fragrance and color)

100 grams granulated sugar (boiled together, set aside)

2. Ingredients 2 Mochi

120 ml of hot water

Glutinous rice flour 185 grams

70 grams water

(People together form a long lump Cut into pieces, mold, round, press flat, bring to a boil, when done, then mix Emulco straight away)

3. Ingredients 3 red beans, stirring

Red kidney bean, 150 grams

600 milliliters of water

(Bring to a boil until done Then season with 120 grams of sugar, 1/3 grams of salt, stir on the pot until cooked to a fine texture. Bring to cool)

Use 1 cup of crushed ice. Place with Mochi beautifully. Topped with green tea syrup, 4 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk, scoop red bean paste, stirring to make clear ice beautifully

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