Soft Orange Cake

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Soft Orange Cake

Chinese New Year Prepare the fruit.

Give away the formula and enjoy. Soft orange ball cake, sponge cake cake texture Easy to make, 2 steps. First, the cake texture And the second part, orange jam Ingredients (cake texture)

- 4 eggs

- 68 grams granulated sugar

- Cake flour 68 grams

- SP, 11 grams

- 11 grams of water

- Corn oil 30 grams

How to make (cake texture)

1. Weigh all ingredients together except oil.

2. Beat until the sponge texture is full. Then gradually pour out the oil until all 3. Add 6 grams of orange emulsion and mix well.

4. Put in a circle mold, bake at 180 degrees below 15 degrees

5. Then return the tray for another 5 minutes or until cooked.

Ingredients (orange jam)

- 300 grams of water

- Sunquick orange juice 70 grams

- 110 grams granulated sugar

- 25 grams of corn flour

- 30 grams of fresh butter

- smell and orange 10 grams

The process of making (orange jam)

 1. Weigh all the ingredients in the pot. Bring to boil until the sugar has dissolved.

2. Gradually add the cornstarch, stir until the flour is done, turn off the heat, wait until the jam is warm, add the butter.

3. After, pour the orange jam over the orange sponge. Smell and orange, we have for sale, click below ...


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