Friendly Dough Line

Friendly Dough Line

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Properties of the machine

  • Friendly Dough Line is used formaking most kinds of filling products; fillrd bun,steam bun, ChinesePasty, etc. Make texture of product soft and smooth surface as home made.
  • The machine is easy to assemble;parts for cust and stuffing have been professionally desingned, easy for removal and cleaning.
  • All parts contact with food aremade under national stands of food hygiene standards.
  • Friendly Dough Line is a good appearancedesign with, high quality stainless steel structure to make, Durable, beautifulgenerous, accord with national food hygiene standards.
  • The dough belt will go through 3rolling stages to produce the proper thickness without damaging the giuten ofdough. Following this process, the auto filling feeder will extude the fillingon the dough belt. The dough belt with the filling on top is then rolled by thecylindrical molding section and the dough belt Forms the outer casing.For thismachine you can fill feeder 2 kind of filling in the same time also.
  • It can mak 1,000-6,000 pieces ofproduct perhour, and the product adjusted from 15g-100g. Friendly Dough Linewill made product uniformly in size and weight, smoothly in appearance and inorderly  patterns.

The Standard Weight
1,000 - 6,000 PCS./HR
15 - 100 /G
4 – 7 /KW
380V. 50HZ. 3P
605 x 5,500 x 1,200 mm.

The Standaed Weigth 15-100 g.
Capacity 1,000 - 6,000 PCS./HR
Dimension W 605 x L 5,500 x H 1,200
Power 380V. 50HZ. 3P
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